What we're all about


Growing since 2014

When we first started with this 6 acre piece of land in South East Polk county it was nothing more than a sandy lot that used to be an orange grove.  Transforming it into a productive piece of land has been, and will continue to be quite the challenge. By rotating livestock and crops over sections of the land we are slowly transforming the soil from mostly sand, into a beautiful soil that is perfect for vegetable farming. For more information on how we are accomplishing this, (especially the concept of carbon sequestration) please check out our environmental commitment page.

What do we produce?

Fresh seasonal produce is our main output goal. We strive to grow vegetables using organic methods, and raise our animals in a humane fashion. 

(varying seasonally) We provide:

-Fresh veggies


-Pasture raised poultry products


-All natural treats for dogs

-Plus much more to come!  

How we grow

The majority of our produce is grown organically in the ground. We use compost made from recycled materials at a local soil farm to both improve soil quality, and feed our plants. In the rare occasion that we have to use pest controls, we use certified organic products, not harsh chemicals. When we plant we use "no till" methods as much as possible to help maintain natural soil quality and health.

Hydroponics is a new addition to our farm. While not considered organic due to minerals being used in the nutrient solution, the reduced water usage and the ability to grow in more extreme weather conditions makes it a desirable option. If there are any questions or concerns about this method of growing please don't hesitate to ask.

Our animals

Chickens, turkeys, pigs and bees all call Radiant Farms home. Our animals are raised on pasture, doing what they naturally do. They are free to roam and eat as much of a natural diet as possible. This makes for some very happy and healthy animals, as well as helping to improve our soil! For more detail on how livestock can help improve the soil please see our environmental commitment page.